Melanie English Doula

It’s 2021 and the world has changed…

The good news is that whatever Tier or lockdown scenario we find ourselves in, I am still here, able and willing to support you.

In most cases face to face support is still possible but there is an increasing body of anecdotal evidence that digital or distance doula support is as effective and transformative as face to face.

It’s likely that my support will be provided in a combination of ways. I am flexible, adaptable and responsive to your needs in any circumstance, whilst maintaining good Covid-19 protection protocols.

With my support you will develop your own clear idea of your birth preferences and how they might apply to different birth scenarios, but most importantly you will be able to approach your birth fearlessly and positively.  You will benefit from a confidence and surety in your ability to birth and care for your baby in whatever circumstance.

I support families all around Cheshire and neighbouring counties. I have birth and post-natal support availability for most of 2021.


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