Melody Mouse – Holmes Chapel, Wilmslow and Sandbach

Melody Mouse is a NEW type of baby/preschool music class and we cant wait to welcome you and your little ones!!

I’m Jayne and I run Melody Mouse classes in Wilmslow, Holmes Chapel, Congleton and Sandbach.  I started out as a musician and by the time I had my first child I had been a working musician for more years than I want to admit to!

Obviously the first pre school activity I looked for do do with my little one was a music class!  Whilst they were all fun, they all, for me, lacked something.  I always felt they could be doing more.

Enter my solution to the problem – Melody Mouse!  Here’s how it works….

Firstly, we run a full hour’s class giving us plenty of time to get stuck in to as much fun as we can manage.  So many of you have children of different ages, or friends with different aged children we wanted to be able to cater for you all – so we run mixed age sessions!  There’s no dashing in and out of different classes all morning or having to leave one child with the grandparents, or go to a different class to your friends.  We include lots of instrument time and music, but we didn’t want everyone sitting in a circle while we give out and collect in instruments constantly, so every mini musician participating gets a full set of instruments and we all get to play them all.

Our sessions are themed weekly. They include craft activities and stories, always feature classical music and we introduce little bits of musical notation.  Each week, rather than your sticker just having your name on, we give you a record of that week’s piece of music for you to build up in your ‘Musical Journey’ book!

And, somewhere in amongst all this, we squeeze in a relaxing coffee break for our grown ups.

Since we know that some of you can’t commit to a full term,  we’ve tried to help by introducing Pay Weekly options (with reduced prices for half term bookings).

It’s all very relaxed and, hopefully, lots of fun so we look forward to seeing you in one of our sessions soon!!  You can book yourself a trial session for only £2.00 using code MMTRIAL

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