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“Find your Mr/s Doula right.

Every doula like every person looking for a doula has a unique personality and skill set. I could tell you I’m the best, but if we don’t get on, you won’t benefit from the support I can offer.  The only way to find out if I’m the doula for you and your specific, unique journey to parenthood is to talk to me. There is an amount of getting to know each other to do, before you can ultimately decide whether I’m your Doula right or someone else equally gorgeous is.

My intention as your doula is to help you get the information you need to enable you to develop your own clear and informed idea of your birth preferences and how they might apply to different birth scenarios, as well as supporting you emotionally and physically throughout your labour and birth.

I want you to feel fully informed, strong, positive, fearless, confident, and loved as you begin one of the most challenging phases of your life. We’ll also consider your post-natal recovery plan, and if you hire me as your post-natal doula, as well as or instead of as your birth doula, I will be there to support your sumptuous, healing fourth trimester.

Don’t leave it a moment longer, give me a call”

07776 251515
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The Doula Element

The Doula Element provides families in Cheshire with maternity support and education during pregnancy, birth and the early days and weeks with a baby.

Services include antenatal classes and breastfeeding support.

T: 07421 991158

Doula Kate – Postnatal Doula Support

Postnatal Doula based in Knutsford, Cheshire.

T:07875 711756

Happy Nest Doula

I can support you on your journey from pregnancy to parenthood, helping you to have positive, empowering experiences along the way.

T: 07881 946003


Optimum Birthing

Optimum Birthing: Parenting Sessions, Breastfeeding Workshops, Hypnobirthing Courses, The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme, Aromatherapy for Labour and Reflexology.

T: 07917 768 895

Private Midwifery Care East Cheshire

Enhanced NHS Midwifery Care in Cheshire

For a free consultation call 01625 663696

Private Midwives

We are the leading providers of private maternity services providing maternity care to couples throughout the UK.

T: 0800 4702109